Monday, April 27, 2009

wednesday with the lashbrooks

keith and cindy lashbrook have been serving the children in the port-de-paix area which is on the north coast of haiti. they are pictured here with their adopted two and a half year old daughter, sabrina. the lashbrooks have been in haiti over twelve years and have built a boys home, orphanage, school and church. their story is so amazing as they came to haiti with no particualar mission focus or training and no funding. they picked me up from the guesthouse and showed me around parts of port-au-prince. i really came to love and admire the lashbrooks. my next trip will take me to see their ministry on the north coast. for more information on their ministries, here is the link;

this is the caribbean super market in port-au-prince. you go inside and it is like you have stepped back in to america.

they even had bubba burgers - what's up with that?

but then you go back outside and you are immersed in the poverty again - strange paradox.

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