Friday, June 30, 2006

like a virgin... posting for the very first time

after listening to my staffmates get into the blog scene and then to meet one of life's great bloggers, gary lamb, i had to breakdown and get to bloggin'. so this is my first. ears to the earth, i named this spot that because that is my journey. to listen for what God wants me to do while on this planet. you see, i am attention deficit and reading is not on my radar usually. in second grade i thought i was something when i gave the teacher a phrase that pays... learn to listen, listen to learn. little did i know at the time that i would spend most of my life not listening effectively. so now my passion is to listen for God. listening for His breath, His heartbeat, His directions. so this is the beginning of my journey into the realm of the unknown. okay astro boy... let's rock n roll.